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"Smart" or Switchable Privacy Film

What is it (besides really cool)?

  • Smart film transforms any glass surface into switchable glass. Similar to applying other window films, smart (or switchable film) is installed on existing glass surfaces making it a perfect retrofit option and it works great for irregular window shapes where conventional window treatments are not feasible.
  • Smart film’s primary functional component is PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal). Without power the PDLC molecules are randomly oriented. A low voltage signal (via a small transformer and busbar) causes the PDLC molecules to align allowing light to pass through, making the film clear.
  • We have demonstration samples if you’re interested in seeing their effectiveness in person.
When smart film is powered OFF, it is opaque, providing privacy as well as plenty of light.
When smart film is powered, the PDLC molecules align and your window becomes virtually clear.

Upcycle, Refresh, Modernize Your Space and Windows

Discover our product designs for your walls and furniture – the ultimate eco-friendly and budget-friendly solution to upcycle any surface with style!


Add privacy, branding, sun protection, or any combination of these to your windows and glass.

Transforming Spaces:

Sustainable Renovation Solutions

SAJE’s premier architectural films will transform a dull office space into a modern and sustainable work environment.

Innovative Durable Products

How can SAJE’s premier architectural wraps and window films can transform a commercial space into a sustainable and stylish environment?

Services we provide:

Architectural Film:
Transforming Spaces with Style

Transform your space with our architectural film, perfect for adding a touch of style and personality to any surface.

SAJE has solutions for commercial and residential spaces, with thousands of product options in a variety of categories:

  • wood grain
  • stone and marble
  • metal
  • textile and fabric
  • leather
  • soft
  • glitter

Window Film:
Solar Film, Sunblock for Your Windows

Protect your windows while saving energy with our solar film, it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays while reducing glare and heat, keeping your space cool and comfortable in the summer and saving you heating costs in the winter months.

Window Film:
Privacy Film, Level Up Your Privacy Game!

Looking to protect your privacy? Our privacy film is perfect for windows, providing a stylish and effective solution for keeping prying eyes out.

CoverStyl Coastal Bathroom Mood Board

Architectural and Window Film Solutions:
Style meets Sustainability

Get the ultimate personal touch with our designer films, where we bring your style to your space and create the perfect work, social, or private environment just for you.

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