We are a Family Business

We are proud to be a veteran-owned, family-run Canadian business. We focus on strong ethics and values, and are committed to quality products and installation. Our customers can trust us to deliver fair pricing, honest advice, quality products and installation, and satisfaction at project completion. We recognize that teams are only as good as all of the members, and we strive for all of our people feel like they are a worthwhile, appreciated, and integral part of the SAJE family.  After all, their contributions are vital investments to our business, to improving our business model, and to ensuring client satisfaction.


SAJE offers consulting and installing of the following products within commercial and residential spaces (including exterior):

  • Architectural Wrap: 1500+ available options; and
  • Window Films: solar, privacy, custom and retail designs, security, and smart.
Allyson Sutton, Owner/Founder
Allyson Sutton, Owner/Founder
Sarah-Jo Doucet, Owner/Founder
Jean Fitzgerald, Corporate Counsel

What does our name mean?

At SAJE, our name carries a deeper meaning. It’s an acronym that pays tribute to the visionary cousins and sisters who played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of our company:


  • Sarah-Jo

  • Allyson

  • Jean

  • Environmentally conscious and dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

Our commitment to eco-responsibility is woven into every aspect of our work, reflecting the values that drive our mission. Explore our story and discover how SAJE is shaping a sustainable future.

Allyson Sutton 


Whistler BC Office

(604) 932-7609

Sarah-Jo Doucet 


Calgary AB Office

(587) 588-7399

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